The New Shop – The Beginning of the End

Writing this post is taking nearly as long as this step of the workshop build has. I haven’t had time to write lately, or I haven’t had the impetus. Both, really. I took the latest step in my career path on Saturday, finally taking and passing my RHIT exam. I’ve had emergencies around the house to deal with, physical and not. The shop hasn’t had much activity since I finished up my son’s table.

That doesn’t mean it has been completely dead. Slowly, three panels at a time, I am covering the Zip System with the exterior panels. I am using an LP product, and while it isn’t branded Smart Side, it is a composite paneling with a redwood texture in a T1-11 style. These are the same panels I have already used for the door and immediate surround.

There are two aspects of putting this up that concerns me. One, is getting the upper panels on the end walls cut correctly and installed twelve feet up. The other is cutting out accurate holes for the windows.  I’d also need to paint what was up on the front wall, plus all the rest. I went with a Behr outdoor satin, in a color called English Channel. This is a color that looks a bit purple when wet, and has different hues of blue if it is in direct light. First up was the front wall.

It’s really light here in direct light. I did a combination of painting before I put the panels up and after. The first three panels I painted on the ground, the rest I did on the building.

I carefully measured the opening on the first window and cut it with the Festool track saw. I did a test fit and it came out basically perfect.

With my methods sound, paint went on the first three panels and they were installed. I cut out the second window after I had painted, which left a lot of dust on the panel. I had to use regular nails for this, as I forgot to buy exterior finish. On the last panel I also carefully measured where the power wires came through, and successfully made the holes in the right spot.

There’s a decent amount of difference between in the sun and shade.

Next up was the small spaces next to the door, which were taken care of by cutting a panel roughly in half.

By this point I had picked up exterior nails. I also decided that I would just paint on the building to speed things up, as I didn’t have to wait for it to dry before painting another panel or installing it. Getting the right side on was a little tricky, as I had to slide it under the shiplap edge. I didn’t nail close to the edge, but it was still very tight to the wall. This was painted, then I moved to the back wall. This lower portion is easy, as there is no cutting.

Again, installed, then painted.

This is where it stands today, with rain, funds, and other tasks forcing me to take a short break. Likely on next paycheck I will buy the next three panels to install. Nine are installed, Nine remain. One gallon of pain expended, hopefully only one more to go, but there are spots in need of more. I wish I had a paint sprayer. The upper panels will obviously have to be painted before they are installed. When I have the right panels installed, then trim will go up.

Also, obviously you can see the roof is done. This was hired out with the help of my MIL who supplied the money in exchange for some yard work favors. Many thanks.

Getting closer. Almost done.



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