The Old Shop – Getting things tidy

The transition is coming, and sooner than I would have thought. When I had a need for a sander in the new shop, I knew I had to bring the Festool CT Midi over for good dust collection. I also thought I might as well bring the MFT over to give me a work surface. It was difficult to get it out of the old shop with how messy things were, particularly with the large amount of scrap under the MFT. I was able to take the legs down and eventually remove it over to the new shop.

The experience really reminded me that there are two ways to do this move: my usual way, a huge mess and disorganization, or to get things tidy and in order and do it logically. So, I started cleaning up the place to make the number two option a reality.

Really it’s just stuff that isn’t out of the norm and was long overdue. I took the two remaining 2×6 insulation bags over and put them in the attic until I have a use for them. Same thing with my bin of drawer slides and some miscellaneous stuff. That made a difference right there. Then I swapped all the plywood scrap that was under the MFT with the jointer. I figure that I’ll start swapping tools in the old shop with the Zip scrap in the new shop as I go along.

This is a real opportunity for me to make this transition as smooth as possible, and not to lose anything in the process. I put back together the socket case, did some sweeping, and some general organizing. This should continue over the next few weeks as the dynamic shifts between shops. It’s important to do this right, or important things will get lost. Maybe I’ll even find my missing pieces for the sander.

Getting the shop clean, which it is now, is also vital to the transition in another way: on the fly projects. One of the first things I’ll need to do is to build the new clamp rack to make sure I have enough room for all the other things in the shop. I’ll likely build it out of existing material to save money and space. As soon as the wall is up where it’s going, I’ll be building it.

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