Scrap bin

I had thought that figuring out storage for all my scrap would take some time, but I solved a little bit of that problem on Monday by using an idea I had seen a long time ago and some of my larger sheets of scrap ply. It’s basically an open box on wheels, short enough that it slides in the cubby of my miter saw.

Really simple to make, I only bothered to run a rabbet on the bottom and just used butt joints for the sides. I figured mechanical fasteners would be fine for this thing. Used the cheaper Harbor Freight casters I had on this, but really I would probably be better off trading those out for some even cheaper HF ones that don’t turn. It will certainly work for now.

It doesn’t quite hold everything, a consequence of where it had to go. The pieces that are too long to fit properly will still have to go somewhere, and I still think that it will be on a wall in some form or another. It is possible that I could make a smaller cubby that would hold these pieces vertically against a wall, but I limit myself to a certain amount if I do that, plus still take up a portion of wall along with the floor. Figuring out where these pieces will go, plus making a spot for the larger sheet goods is still the main problem I have to overcome in the shop. Beyond that it’s all gravy.

One side effect of moving the stock to the wall, in one form or another, is that my remaining set of shelves will have to go. I’m not too terribly concerned about this, and I’m sure I will find a home for it – most likely under the house to store who knows what. That will mean I have to get rid of or find a home for some various paint cans. Most of these need to be tossed anyway, so it’s simply a matter of disposal.

One other thing I am considering is removing the lawnmower, which would probably also mean removing the golf clubs. I’m fine with the former, but not so much the latter. Right now the lawnmower is a bit inaccessible, due to the remaining work table blocking the cubby. The quickly growing weeds in my yard demand to be cut soon, so there’s a bit of a deadline to come up with some sort of temporary solution. I could easily temporarily solve this by switching the mobile router table and the immobile work table, which I will most likely have to do this weekend, should the time present itself.

What I don’t want to really do is move the golf clubs under the house, or to the carport. While this would give me the much needed room for a dust system in the shop, I’d really rather keep them where they are. I can’t explain why, but I do. They don’t weigh a lot, and could be put a little higher up and attached to the wall. Something – not sure what – could go under this in place of the lawnmower. But I’d still like to see a way to keep both items where they are and make it work.

I take a set part of my available funds each month and let it be used for anything in the shop, be it a need or a want. This go-round I have two needs – drawer hardware and to replace my door. I made my miter saw station/cabinet in mind for hardwood runners, but decided with how cheap I could get the little white drawer hardware for, that I would do that. The bigger priority however is to fix the doors. They were built out of plywood and have not held up. They warped, and let in a lot of those big black ants occasionally. And if I want the climate of my shop to be a bit more temperate, especially in winter, I need better closing doors.

I’m headed to the big box store now to start pricing materials. I think cedar would probably work best, but I’m going to keep an open mind. I might even invest some money and repaint the entire exterior while I’m at it.


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