Tried yet another adjustment tonight, after finding out some truths about the router table. I tried just rotating it so that it would stay in the same corner, but then decided anything worth doing was worth doing a lot.

The router table is now by the door, there is now a big gap, the miter saw, the planer, then the lathe on the same wall as the systainers. Still some work to do, finding homes for things. I’ll gain even more room if I put the planer under the miter saw. Have to see what other room I can wring out of the space, because it will be still crucial in the new shop. Do I bring the jointer over next to the miter saw? Is there room? One thing I did notice is that the lathe stand is leaking sand when I move it. I suppose that should have been expected.

It’s certainly not perfect, but I don’t think any layout ever will be. It’s already up for discussion if it changes again.

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