2013 review / 2014 shop outlook

I didn’t post a 2013 shop outlook on the site, but I did post one on a forum. I’ll copy it here:

I’d like to have my layout pretty much set, and leave future items in this shop to the structural side. Now that the doors are done, it’s time to tweak my productivity. I’d like to have built:

  • Miter saw stand w/ storage
  • Spot for a midi lathe (cabinet surface)
  • Hand tool storage (wall or floor cabinet)

Basically, I’m going to be working with plywood this year, which is completely new for me (sarcasm). It will be interesting to see what actually gets accomplished, with all of my other things I’m doing in and out of the shop this year.


Well, I did end up getting a miter saw stand built with storage, however it didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted it to. The drawers never got finished,  and now it’s too big for my workshop. In part, because instead of buying a midi lathe I went for a 12×36 floor standing lathe. I haven’t quite gotten my hand tool storage worked out yet, although I did buy some 3/4″ cherry with the hopes of getting it done. I just don’t think I have enough cherry on hand to build it.

It was a good year. Some of the best developments were the recent addition of overhead lighting and buying a cheap little heater very early in the year. I think for safety’s sake I’ll be buying a better heater. I built a sideboard, a loft bed, the miter saw cabinet, added a lathe, a new planer, I took a huge step toward completing my workbench, made it possible to work past dusk and fufilled a goal – creating my own website. All this in a year where we had record amounts of rain, mosquitos, and job-related tasks and trips. I still have perhaps a couple of projects up my sleeve in the next two weeks.

So, it’s been a pretty good year. Most of my goals accomplished, not to mention a huge dent in my scrap pile. The goal every year is to improve, and 2014 is no different. Here I’ll lay out my aspirations for the shop, but not including any projects not directly related to it. I’m looking to perhaps finish up the shop layout or at least make a huge dent in the shop fixtures. Some may not be reasonable, but it doesn’t mean it still isn’t a goal.

  • Finish removal of old interior walls and ceiling.
  • Final overhead lighting arrangement
  • Build planer/sander flip cart
  • Build new miter saw station
  • Build new lathe stand
  • Modify/replace table saw extension wing
  • Build hand tool cabinet(s)
  • Build saw till
  • Build drill press storage and possibly table
  • Improve dust collection system, mainly routing and hose fittings
  • Build sound deadening compartments for air compressor and vacuum
  • Build new offset router table
  • Backfill photos and fix links for imported posts on the new website
  • Post more consistently here and on Twitter
  • Start considerations for clearing behind shop for leveling in 2015
  • Scout window replacement, think about exterior replacement in 2015.
  • Find air conditioning/mosquito control solution
  • Find new solution for hardware bins and systainers

It’s a very large list, and one I don’t truthfully expect to complete. If I did, it would be an outstanding year – an all-timer. My big goals are to get the hand tools stored and get at least half or so of the fixtures built – and build them properly. I am going to build everything going forward with the same quality and accuracy that I did the sideboard. They will also receive finish, so these projects will take longer than previous ones.

Here’s to a great 2014

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