2015 Q1 progress report

Every year I have a set of ideas or plans for my shop. Shop goals, outlook, whatever you’d like to call it. I even try to post it. Most times though, the year goes by and most of the list never got touched. I thought I might help to change that this year by reminding myself what I wanted to do, and how far I’ve come along. Being (slightly) past the quarter pole, I thought I might give a bit of a summary update.

2015 Shop Goals can be found here, in total. I’ll summarize parts of it too, so you don’t have to click if you don’t want to. We’ll start in order of things that have been done to things that haven’t been started yet.

Lathe stand – done. Since I have decided at least for now to not have a second drawer, and I don’t have any additional lathe tools on the horizon, the only thing I’d like to do here is to make a drawer front and attach a handle. I just need to keep it clean, and establish other storage for the turning accessories.

Sysports – done. Sort of. While I did actually make and finish the storage for the systainers themselves, I didn’t make enough room for all of them. I’m holding off on making another set until I make more determination on some layout.

Midi dust collection – in progress. With the move to more Festools, this is becoming a reality. While I’m not capturing all the dust, it has been cut down pretty well.

Cull scrap – it’s started. With the removal of the drawers underneath the miter saw, this area has become my scrap disposal bin. Most of this I’ll have to cut down and put in the garbage. But it has started, at least.

General layout tweaks – always ongoing. I’ve made some tweaks, and there will be more to come. At this point, the workbench, MFT, sysports are where they are going to be. It’s adjusting things beyond that. When I say layout modifications, I mean swapping one of the other items for another, or perhaps doing a bit of stacking. There’s not much more I can do, as I love the MFT and bench where they are.

Router table improvements – well, I established that the drawers fit width-wise. However I do notice more that the stand itself isn’t fantastic, in use. One orientation for use, the other for accessing the drawers. Taking a look at that probably this week.

New planer stand – on hold, pending layout efforts.

Jointer garage – on hold as well.

Interior remodel – canceled. I’m pretty sure my efforts, time and money will be better spent on a new shop.

I do find it funny that one of my 2015 goals was to fit an MFT, and I did that probably a week after I posted. So, early goal accomplishment!

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