2015 Shop Outlook

A reminder of what the 2013/2014 version looked like

Where has this year gone? I had unexpected vacations, I surprisingly started going back to school, and I had an absolutely massive project that happened.

  • Finish removal of old interior walls and ceiling. – ah, no
  • Final overhead lighting arrangement – not so much
  • Build planer/sander flip cart – yes, but I basically hate it
  • Build new miter saw station – yes? I don’t remember when this one got done.
  • Build new lathe stand – still on the agenda
  • Modify/replace table saw extension wing – giving up on it counts, right?
  • Build hand tool cabinet(s) – nope
  • Build saw till – nada
  • Build drill press storage and possibly table – yeah, right
  • Improve dust collection system, mainly routing and hose fittings – I was doing well for awhile, but…
  • Build sound deadening compartments for air compressor and vacuum – massive failure
  • Build new offset router table – yes!
  • Backfill photos and fix links for imported posts on the new website – I sorta forgot about that
  • Post more consistently here and on Twitter – accomplished
  • Start considerations for clearing behind shop for leveling in 2015 – or burn that mutha down!
  • Scout window replacement, think about exterior replacement in 2015. – no point
  • Find air conditioning/mosquito control solution – going to try napalm next
  • Find new solution for hardware bins and systainers – somewhat, I suppose

It wasn’t all failure, though. I built (and sold) a table to a friend of mine, and it was an adventure. Some of my best work, though. In fact, probably my best work as a whole. I added a couple of Festools that really came in handy on that project in particular. I got a nice new router table, that while the details aren’t finished (as usual) really serves me well. The table project took up about two months worth of other activities, so I don’t think this year was a failure in the least. This year has taught me a lot, and it is in that vein that I look forward to 2015.

I’m keeping the expectations low for this year. School, finances and other projects play their roles.

  • New planer stand
  • Jointer garage
  • Dust collection improvements involving the new CT MIDI
  • Sysports
  • Lathe stand
  • Router table improvements
  • General layout tweaks and improvements
  • Cull some plywood
  • Finish up the interior remodel

That’s probably realistically it. I don’t think I’ll be wasting money on fixing up the place further, not when I honestly need new digs. Hopefully there will be no emergencies where I have to shore the place up. I can also see myself adding a couple of more tools, however the cupboards are pretty much full. I’d like to expand my finishing capability with another sander or two, and I’d absolutely love to find a way to jam an MFT/3 in somewhere – perhaps when I rid myself of all the plywood.

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