2015 – The Challenges

I don’t like to term these excuses, just a recap of things that have impeded progress in the shop and on projects this year like no other.

I dropped out of college in 2002 and joined the Army. I knew around 2006 or so that I would have to get back to school and find a career that I wanted to be in long term. Previously, I did retail, and I wasn’t going back to that. So in 2006 I chose to be a stay at home dad, and in 2007 I started the journey back  toward my educational goals. I got a certification, which got me a great job in 2009. I started back toward a degree program fall of last year, and I’ll be done after spring semester of next year. I’ll probably take a bit of time away from school before I go back again for what would probably be the last segment that I could think of.

What that means for 2015 has been that the time I would have normally been in the shop, the weekends, has been largely set aside for making sure my work for the week has been accomplished. Summer and Fall semesters have meant anywhere from 3-6 tests a week, all due by Sunday night. Not to mention homework, projects, etc. Combine that with coaching a soccer team with games on the weekends as well, and there’s many weeks where there’s not much point in heading out to the shop.

Our industry changeover to ICD-10 happened on October 1, and actually that’s been the least of my worries this year. The transition went smoothly for us, although I now get to teach a class on it in spring as part of my last semester. Joy. I also have not wanted to disappear out into the shop any time my kids are around, as they are getting to the age where they don’t want to spend that time with me – I have to enjoy it while it lasts, there will be plenty of shop time when they are out and about.

The shop itself hasn’t had too many limitations, except for seeing me. It’s just in a paused state.

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