2016 and beyond – Shop projects

Another entry in the ‘Lost Year’ series.

Outside of getting a brand new, bigger shop, shop projects are not really a need right now. There are some things I’ve identified as improvements to be made over the next few months. Here is what I can think of right now:

  • Miter saw stand – plan is to cut the bottom off the existing stand and mounting it to the wall, cantilever-style.
  • Planer stand – make it a regular cart and fit it under the miter saw. Find another home for the sander
  • Clamp racks – fully hang parallel clamps, F-clamps, MFT clamps
  • Wall cabinets – smaller and more enclosed cabinets for better storage capability
  • Make or buy a small drill press table.
  • Make new router table base
  • Do I make an MFT port storage?

The shop is in a pretty good place right now, with just about everything I need. There is a small adjustment to the layout that I may consider because of how much the shop is out of level – the systainer drawers keep closing themselves. It’s not a huge deal, but if I could fix it with ease I will investigate the possibility. Unfortunately just adjusting the feet doesn’t really work because it is attached to the wall for stability. The spot works well with the miter saw, though.

The last bullet point, MFT storage, is brand new. The thought occurred to me seriously just today. I think it won’t happen, because there will be just that one scenario where I’d have to take down the MFT for some reason, and wouldn’t be able to. Plus, that’s a lot of plywood and added weight to the building.

I really, really do wish I had more room, just like I always do. I think these next few projects I do for the house will really determine what happens in the months and years ahead. If they don’t go well, I could see myself selling things off and hoping to pick it back up later in life in a better scenario.

The real focus of next year is going to be stuff for the house. That’s the next entry.

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