2016 and beyond – The projects

Another entry in the ‘Lost Year’ series.

This is why people woodwork, right? Making things that they can be proud of that makes their lives better? I have no shortage of these things on my list.

  • Game room storage – bookcases, reading nook, A/V cabinet
  • Entry room storage – entry storage/seating
  • Bedroom – dresser, bed, closet system, side tables
  • Bathroom – vanity
  • Living room – Entertainment center
  • Dining room – redo kitchen table
  • Kitchen – cabinets, redo pantry, glass storage

That’s just the things I can think of. It’s a huge list, and one that doesn’t really have any sort of time frame for completion. Some of it’s pretty long-term stuff (vanity, bed, etc). Some of it I will try to start on immediately (bookcases). I want to ease back into things, and a bookcase or two is the perfect way. I have all the tools I need, and know all the techniques I need. I just need to get the material, something I’m planning on doing when my next bonus comes through.

I also have a fairly small and easy project that I need to tackle for my dad, probably involving 2x4s. It’s a weight bar stand, something that won’t tip over too easy. I’ve got a design in my head, we’ll see. It will be cheap enough, probably no more than about $6, and I won’t need a truck to get the stuff. I think I’ll combine purposes and grab enough extra to redo the light locations in the shop.

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