2016 in projects

A follow up to the prior post, I neglected to go back and talk about what I actually accomplished in the shop. There’s more than what I’m writing about, mainly because I’m simply going off pictures in my Google account.

January saw me experimenting with solid edging, in time to start work on my new router table base in February.

In March I went ahead and mounted my miter saw to the wall, in the eventual complete redo of the left wall. It went through a few phases, but ultimately ended up just how I wanted.

March also brought a new table saw into the fold and got it set up. I also made my first (and only) insert for it. Around this time I started making the drawers for the router table and dug my one hole (so far ) for the new shop. The drawers wouldn’t be done until early June.

After experiencing high temps while getting those drawers done, I finally decided to splurge on an air conditioner for the shop, and it was a fantastic purchase.

In August I started working on a LEGOrganization cabinet, and got it done (minus paint) in November after being distracted with other projects. Namely, the big one was the new left side wall, starting with new double-depth systainer drawers that were started on October 1 and mostly done in a week. Upper storage followed soon after.

Also in October I experimented with a hose cover, smart integration in the shop, and built a drill press table.

November brought the completion of LEGOrganization, a new sander, a roof for our play house-cum-decoration, a new heater, and getting some more layout sorted. I also made a couple new networking boards for the house.

December brought a knife for my Dad, and yesterday I finished off the year by moving the drill press to a new spot and starting on a re-org of the back wall.

It’s been a good year. I hope this year is even better, with even more projects and accomplishments.



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