2016 in review

A year ago I put this post out, and the beginning of a new year is no better time to review how things went.

My quality did increase at times, but at other times I still made dumb mistakes. It happens, and it will continue to be a learning process. I did come up with a couple good ways to put a solid edge on plywood, so I consider that goal accomplished.

My patience did increase, and I did see myself take forced breaks so that I wouldn’t push myself too far too fast. For the most part this was successful. I did do better at not letting the shop go too far between cleanings, and as a result for most of the year it wasn’t a big deal to clear up or start a new project.

I did do better on finding things homes, and a big part of that was my left wall project with drawers and shelves. The task is not quite done yet, but is very close. I did graduate from my program in May, but I have not followed through and gained the professional certification that goes along with it. It’s on the list for the first half of 2017, but I will need now to go back and do some heavy review because I let it lapse.

As for projects, I declined to build a bookcase for my games, instead going with a prebuilt solution. I felt this was a better use of my time. Another one for board games and books is on hold, but I did buy another shelf for my room/office that holds all our books. I did a few small projects throughout the year, mainly in terms of shop storage and organization. I returned to Christmas gifting with a walnut-scaled knife I gave my dad. I unfortunately did not get around to patching up the outside of the shop, instead focusing all my time and energy working on the inside. The exterior has to be addressed in 2017.

I did do better at posting photos, particularly on Instagram, and I think I did a couple videos to my YouTube page – no narration or what I would consider feature videos though. Perhaps I’ll finally buy a mic and use my DSLR this year.

A Happy New Year to you and yours.

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