2016 Shop Outlook

First post of 2016, and it’s all about looking ahead. I’m hoping this year I can create some nice things, get the shop more in order, and perhaps add a couple nice tools to the workflow.

2016 is going to be all about technique, and the refinement of such. I want to fix some issues I have with some things, and make my quality increase. Some of that will be practice, some of that will be having better tools or better setup. I want to finish a project going forward without regret. The first thing I’m going to work on is putting a good solid wood edge on my plywood, without those little divots when the bit digs in.

I’m going to work on my patience. I get to a certain point and I just want to get it done. I’m going to be more patient and let things work themselves out so that I have better output. I’m going to reset between tasks, cleaning up and getting things ready to go forward, and not tripping over things or myself and frustrating myself.

I’m not going to put a quota on what comes out of the shop this year. I do have a list, and I need to prioritize it in the right way. Unfortunately for my aspirations of getting a few things done for the house, there’s a couple of maintenance and organization operations for the shop that comes first.

My goal for the shop, overall, is for everything to have a home. If I can manage that, my projects will turn out better and I’ll be less frustrated. As for home projects, my goal is to make the bookcase for my video games, plus one for board games and books for our media/entry room. I don’t know if I dare make any more predictions, because I have no idea what the first four months or so of the year hold in store for me as far as school goes. With any luck, I’ll don a cap and gown in May and be done with this for awhile. There might be the opportunity when it gets warmer to at least patch up the worst spots on the exterior of the shop.

I hope you will continue to ride along with my continuing journey. I hope to have regular content throughout the year, including photos and perhaps a video or two.

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