Hello. My name is _______

Workshop, it’s me. Hello. You probably don’t remember the last time I was here.

Spent a little bit of time out in the shop today, as I anticipated. Also as I anticipated, I really didn’t do anything. That’s okay. I sat out there with my coffee and let my batteries charge (literally and figuratively), the laptop update, and watched a few woodworking videos. It was nice.

I’ve not thought a lot about my shop this summer, so I decided to change that while I was out there. I’ve decided to try and completely rethink the entire shop, no holds barred. Well, mostly no holds barred. Here’s my criteria:

  • Festools and systainers stay, including MFT
  • Router table footprint stays
  • Building can’t be modified

That’s it. I’ve been hamstrung in the past about having to shoehorn items or a particular footprint in places, and I think that’s hampered me. So, trying to take it from a fresh perspective might open up a few possibilities.

How fresh? I’m considering getting rid of any of the workbench, table saw and lathe. Tearing down the sysport I just did. Anything to make the shop actually function properly. Not that it doesn’t now, but it’s hugely inefficient. Trying to fit everything in the shop tends to do that.

Before I start looking at layouts again, or starting to tear things up or build things back, I took the time to look around my shop and take stock of things that aren’t right. Things that aren’t addressed currently, because I don’t want to be put back in the same situation. These aren’t necessarily in order of completion, but of thought.

1) I need to keep the safety gear someplace legit, and in such a way that spiders can’t lay eggs in my hearing protection or respirators. I’d just love to have a thousand baby spiders start taking refuge in my inner ear canal as I’m resawing maple. *shudder*

2) I still have scrap that I need to store properly or get rid of. The entirety of the miter saw cabinet is scrap that I need to dispose of, and I have an old drawer full of hardwood scrap that I’d actually like to keep. Where to put the keepers, and how to dispose of the rest? I have an old hollow core door sitting on top of my workbench that also needs to be disposed of, along with the old hardware cabinet.

3) I made a nice little simple storage solution for my big track, but with the addition of the LR32 track I’m now stuck. The LR32 track is just as important, and needs to be secured. In the rafters might work.

4) I have one large wall cabinet, and the sysport upper cabinets. I need to break down at least the big cabinet into several smaller ones, with doors. One cabinet door could serve double duty as chisel storage, so that would be smart storage. It could be that I discontinue the top part of the sysports in favor of regular cabinets. I know I need one smaller cabinet for finishes that can come inside over the winter.

5) The miter saw stand is a unitasker, and that needs to change. If the stand is just the stand, it needs to be elevates where something can be underneath. If it is the stand and other storage, that needs to be sorted out. It can’t be wasted as scrap storage that’s due to be thrown out.

5a) Related, the planer/sander stand needs a rethink. I hate flip top stands, and this latest effort didn’t change that.

6) Now that the new router table top is mostly complete (perhaps a miter slot), the base needs to finally get done, and done well. Spots for the Incra accessories, the guides, etc, and all of the other router accessories. Remains to be seen if I move the router bits back to the table, and perhaps the systainer for the OF1400. Makes a bit of sense…

7) New clamp racks. New saw till. New plane till.

8) The power cords need to come in through the side of the building, and the electronics need to move as well. Lights, chargers, etc.

9) Random ideas: spot for mortiser? New saw blade storage? Redesign the sysports? Keep tool tools (wrenches, etc) at tool.

10) The laptop is about done. A cheap tablet may work better, if anything replaces it.

11) I’d love a spot for all my sharpening stuff.  If I sell my lathe, that would be a worthy replacement.

There’s probably more. But that’s a good place to start.

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