A better entertainment center

I have been looking at different pictures for what seems like weeks now, trying to get a good idea of what I like and what will work for my components. I need something that looks nice, hides wires, and holds what I need it to. I took a trip to Ikea today for inspiration, and did find a few things that could work.

This one in particular stood out to me:

(For anyone wondering, this is from the Besta line)

The cabinets above provide storage for things my wife likes, and the cabinets below provide storage for things I like. My only issue is that these cabinets (the bottom ones) really aren’t made for electrics. Receiver, game systems, etc. They are pretty shallow. Make them much bigger, and it interferes with the walkway plus adds strength questions. I’d like to hang the lower unit on the wall, but I think legs are in my future.

My wife and I like another picture we found online (I won’t be hosting or linking it) that was a much more built-in look. That’s great until you start trying to wire it up. I don’t even want to think about snaking wires through tiny little holes. The other issue is putting in a plate for the audio and video, you’d have it showing or cluttering a spot. Is it possible to make a movable unit look built-in?

Here is what I’m looking at for the electrical side:

  • HDTV
  • Receiver
  • 5 game systems current/5-7 future
  • Dedicated Blu-Ray player potential (may funnel this money into next generation systems instead)
  • 5.1 sound current/7.2 future

I need good cord management in the storage area, plus I need to put the wires going to the rear speakers in the wall, so a wall plate is a must. Bias lighting would be nice to have, but not mandatory. I’ll also need to install a new outlet behind where the TV is going. Right now I’m making a wish list on Monoprice of the cables I will need. My receiver is only a 7.1, but I may wire the room for 7.2 just in case. I doubt I would have the need for a 9.2 system, as it’s rather small.

Just some musings on the subject. Didn’t really solve anything.

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