A Big Decision

It has been a quiet week in the shop, I suppose. Not sure, haven’t been out there to know. It’s simply been a busy week with work and other commitments. I did get out today to bag up a bunch of debris from the last couple projects that were stacked on the sawhorses. With my kids playing baseball and softball, a bunch of time has been spent at the ball fields, and today was no different. Perhaps tomorrow will bring some time inside the shop for a bit of cleaning in there. Also need to start outlining the table project for my son.

I have been thinking about selling my car for awhile, and buying a truck. This week, I formalized those thoughts and set a plan in which to do this. Not only do I need to sell my car, I need to pay off my last credit card before I can purchase a truck that will last me a very long time. It’s a fairly sizable debt, but one I can take care of in about a year or 15 months if I buckle down. I’ve decided to do just that. I have a set amount that I need to pay off each month, and as long as I hit that, I’ll be riding around in a new(ish) truck this time next year. Just in time to get some deals on the 2018s before the 2019s hit. I’ve pretty much decided on what I’m going to get, and the first mods I’m going to do. I’m also likely to donate the old CRV or sell for parts.

That’s cart before the horse stuff, though. What this means for the next year in the shop is simple: if it’s a big expense, it isn’t happening. The plan to get a HF dust collector is on hold. I don’t need to really do this before a new shop anyway. As for a new shop, that’s on hold as well. I’ll start budgeting for it when I’m debt-free and have a truck to pick up supplies with.

I don’t have any plans to sell anything off. This isn’t the end of the shop at all. It just means I need to be very selective in purchases and expenses. Since the wood is already on-hand for the table project, that goes forward. No more Lee Valley planes for awhile, though, unfortunately – I was really hoping to go on a shopping spree, but that’s the sort of thinking that got me here.

I’m also going to finally follow through on my commitment from last summer and attain my latest certification. I’ll get reimbursed for the exam and it should net me a raise. It does mean though that I’ll have to study and it might take away from shop time as well.

Lean times are here, but not end times. Fun times are coming.

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