A Big Week

Last Sunday, I made two decisions: First, I ordered a new head unit for our “spare” vehicle. This would be the car that I would take on as my primary when my car sold. The other was that I made an effort to get my car cleaned up and listed on Craigslist late that night.

I wasn’t expecting the response I got. I listed the ad at 10:30 or so and was fielding emails by midnight. Some were, of course, sketchy. But I happened upon one the next morning that seemed like someone intelligent was behind it. Asked questions specifically about problems germane to the brand and model. We met Tuesday afternoon so that he could look at it, and by Tuesday night I had dropped it off for him and had a check in my hand. It was the easiest thing I had ever done in my life, and now I had just a touch more than I was expecting to start my big debt payoff push.

My head unit arrived between the time of the meet and the dropoff, so I started getting that ready as well. Thankfully, my (now) vehicle is extremely easy to install a new head unit in, so it took no time at all. I had to pull it out a couple more times over the course of the next few days to address wiring, but it is a substantial upgrade and I’m very happy to have it. It has HD radio built in, and Android Auto/Apple CarPlay capability. I have designated a phone to permanently stay in the car to stream music and supply maps/navigation duties. It is my goal to always drive a car with this ability, either natively or via an aftermarket solution. It beats the pants off of manufacturer’s solutions or plain head units. I’ll do an in-depth review of what I got later on.

There was also some mechanical things to take care of last week as well. I have an older push lawn mower that wouldn’t run, and our riding mower also would not run. Both of the issues were traced to fuel delivery, so I swapped the carburetor on the push, and added another gasket and now it runs. Not well, as it is hunting for a good idle point, but it is now running again. The riding mower needed a new fuel filter, and I also disassembled that carb and cleaned it. The next day, after I cut my grass, it had hydrolocked by fuel filling the cylinder. Something went wrong in my reassembly, so I had to tear it back down, make sure all the gaskets and seals were on properly, and try again. So far, so good, but if it happens again I will call for warranty work.

I also, on what is now my vehicle, finally decided to tackle the yellowing headlights. I had attempted it before, but it din’t work. I bought a Mother’s kit with a drill attachment, and it actually did the trick this time. Not perfect, as you can certainly see the scratches, but noticeable improvement in clarity from before. I will have to apply protectant often to keep it from coming back even faster, but it will work while I drive it.

This is basically what my life is now, woodworking only on the periphery. As such, I think I am going to start transitioning the site to just be one page, and be of anything I wish it to be. After all, this site, and it’s continued existence, is primarily for me. This week though I am going to review the plans for the table I need to build, and hopefully start making progress on it.

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