A bit of a lull

With the weather a bit cold today and some other commitments, I am not in the shop today. We also have a sink stoppage that hopefully won’t cost us a whole lot, but life is on hold until someone can come out to fix it. My plumbing expertise only goes so far, and I’ve snaked and treated as much as I can. Time to call the pros.

The shop is in a bit of a lull now too, with the flip-top cart basically complete. I added a couple of bolt-action locks to secure the top, and will need two more. The drawer will come along when it comes along. I have everything to make it, I just need the drive to do so. With the miter saw station designed, and the lathe stand designed, I am just waiting on funds to come free to tackle these projects. My next purchase is a Domino, but shouldn’t be for a few weeks. I want to have that to build all of my sheet good projects that are coming up. So until that happens, I don’t have a lot I can do for projects.

I have some scrap 3/4″ MDF lying around that I’d like to turn into the compressor box if I have enough. For that, I’m going to experiment with the plate joiner I have virtually abandoned because the fence is crap. I will be building it butt-joined just like I would with the Domino. The inside will be lined with insulation if I have enough clearance. I’d like to have an auxiliary tank for extra capacity with a dedicated branch for a blower nozzle. A regulator and line conditioner will also be installed. I’ll have a chance to test my sweating skills on the copper pipe that I assume I’ll use.

Other than that, I think I may tune up my chisels and planes since I really haven’t done that for most of them. I would like to work a bit more on the hand tool storage, adding spots for the screwdrivers and layout tools.

I suppose there is plenty to do, it’s just not exactly what I want to do.

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