A breakthrough in the shop

(Many times when I want to share what I’ve done too many days passes between a first draft (if there is one) and when I actually get to publish it. This covers activities I was able to accomplish during the first weekend of November.)


Two bags of trash went out the door, including the old router table drawers. I arranged some of the other scrap pieces neatly on the socket cabinet. I started sweeping up and was happy simply breaking down some of the junk. I then had the bright idea that I could use the router table carcass as a scrap unit. I had some wasted space under the table saw, and it might make a better use for it while putting off having to deal with the destruction. This required yet another rearranging party. The drill press moved corners for probably the tenth time and the (now) scrap cabinet took its place. This cabinet and whatever succeeds it will probably be mainly for turning, but who knows. With the drill press in the other corner, the lathe had to move, now under the window. This also serves the dual purpose of gaining enough clearance to install a window AC unit in the spring.

For now, the planer sits between the lathe and table saw and the jointer sits at the back side of the workbench. It has opened up the space tremendously, however I will have to see what the long-term plans are. You can see some pictures in the Tour thread I posted a couple hours ago. I expected this post to be longer, but that’s what happens when you start it one day and don’t finish it until several days later.

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