A clarification

I think I gave the impression in my previous post that I was in financial peril, or I wouldn’t be able to do any projects any time soon. That’s not the case, I could go get whatever I need right now. I’m simply more concerned with other financial goals and deem them more important. It’s not really a big deal, it’s just frustrating not being able to do what I want right when I want to. My long-term goals will fix that.

Anyway, a short little update. After not being in the shop for a week, I got a small bit of time out there today, sunburn and all. I really have to sing the praises of the Ryobi One+ Supercharger here again: I ran the extension cord out to the shop, plugged all the batteries into it, and came back a couple hours later and they were all fully charged and being maintained. Love the ‘set and forget’ aspect of it. That allowed me to have both fans and the radio operational for my short stent out today.

Tried to work more on the sole of my block plane, to get it nice and flat, but after quite a few turns on the 120 grit paper, I’m still showing marks in the sole. However, just thinking about it right now, perhaps I’m doing it wrong. I need to mark the sole with marker and see if the paper reduces the marks evenly. I shouldn’t be relying on the manufacturing marks.

In project news, I have enough 3/4″ plywood on hand to make two tool trays for the modular tool center. I may feel well enough to cut those tomorrow. I am in need of some hardboard, which is cheap enough to go ahead and pick up. The hardboard will provide the working surface of the wall cabinets, giving replaceable protection for the plywood beneath. Putting the plywood down and attaching it, I will need to run a dado along the length of both cabinets for a T-track. This track will provide repeatable measurements for the miter saw via a stop. I don’t think I’ll need fence extensions, but perhaps I’ll create one in a stop that provides a bit more support. I already have the T-track on hand (I think – have to double check). This could be a project that’s easily completed (or put along it’s eventual path) in an afternoon. I’ll need to pick up some insert nuts for the base cabinet to secure the miter saw and future additions. Low cost and not time intensive.

I was able to make a no-cost addition to the shop the other day. I ordered a Felo 5-piece screwdriver set from Amazon with my gift card credit. I already have plenty of drivers and driver bits, but this will make an excellent addition to the tool cabinet when completed. Should match the chisels closely, from what I’ve seen. Same ‘no-roll’ construction the Narex chisels have. Those feel great in the hand, I assume these will as well. I also purchased (at $4) a steel square from HD. I assume this square won’t be perfect, but being steel I should be able to get it to be so, and then use it for all future squaring purposes, including setting other squares. I’ll be checking it in the next couple of days, and if it requires work, I’ll post a how-to blog.

I have a great shop right now, more than most have. It’s not where I want it to be and that’s okay. There’s always room for improvement, and I’ll say that my adoption of a master plan has greatly helped this process. I still have a long way to go on that plan, and I’ve taken some minor detours along the way. I can do a lot of things right this minute in there, but I also look forward to the time where it’s a good 95% of what I want it to be. Generally, that’s usually the time where you’re forced to start over. But, that’s another adventure.

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