A clean shop is a happy shop

Sometimes buying something will motivate you to do something you could have done before. It’s certainly the case with my new vacuum. The shop floor could have been vacuumed up by me at any time, but buying the new one certainly instilled the ‘new toy, get some use out of it’ syndrome. What does help is that it is more powerful, and the larger hose and wands pick up more things at once. It may be too powerful, because I’m missing a 1/2″ collet for my router and it may have been sucked up and now gone.

With being able to get more bins out of the shop, there was room under my work table to stow the vac and separator under it which is a nice central spot. Unfortunately I don’t know at this point if they will fit under the new Holtzapffel bench whenever I get it made, but we’ll come to that when we do. They could fit under an extension wing for the table saw, or I might have to engineer a vertical solution next to the bandsaw. Not too worried about it at this point though.

With the new vac addition, that makes three I have in the shop. I also have two Shop Vac 3HP/6 gallon units, one still boxed up. Why two? I bought the first one on special for $20, and then when I needed an additional hose for the separator, they were back on sale again for $20 – the exact same price as just an additional hose. The only downfall of this unit is the undersized hose, and thus I can’t recommend it for woodworking. One will head down to the house for garage duty, and I can recommend it for that purpose. For cleaning out cars, it will work fine. I will probably give the other one away.

I was going to purchase some dust collection equipment at Rockler last week, but they weren’t on sale. New sale starts the 28th, and I’m waiting to see if they put the 2.5″ equipment on sale. I received a $10 gift card that had to be used before then, so I used it on yet another T-track kit with hardware (great deal at $20) and a couple of hold downs so I could construct a drill press table. I purchased the Harbor Freight DP table, and while well constructed and nice, it was a complete non-fit with my drill press on both the stock table and the handle. I have the basic idea of what I want, but I’m going to spend the first part of this week researching sizes and making sure the idea in my head is the one I like the best. I’m thinking dual T-tracks, hold downs, a fence and a removable insert. Since I don’t need to do sanding, I’ll save the dust collection for a simple flanged port that came with a flexible hose kit. I will attach it to the drill press with a magnetic clip, so I can move it to the bandsaw if needed.

While the goal is to never have anything reach the floor from the tools, I know that’s not realistic. I have a broom that was handed down from the house that is now broken in two spots on the handle. I can sweep normally in one direction, but the other collapses the handle. I’ll replace that, and probably just throw away the bench brush I have that’s caked with dust.

I pretty much have the idea of what I’m doing with the South Wall now, just a matter of deciding how deep and the number of drawers I’ll have, as well as the number of hardware organizers I’ll be using. Details on that next time.

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