A couple of small projects

For what seems like the first time in forever, I was able to go into the shop and do some actual woodworking on Saturday. It’s been so long the shop smelled musty. No rust that I can see, it might be whatever is living above the ceiling.

I needed to mount my router and modem up on the wall, which necessitated the trip to the shop. I went with a laminated MDF shelf from Home Depot that was exactly the right width. I didn’t see a reason to cut up and breathe in the MDF I had in my shop when a $5 solution presented itself that I didn’t have to prime. I drilled holes and made a slot with the router for the wires and plugs to hide behind. I also had some french cleat material lying around which I used to easily get it off the wall. I mounted my router, modem and my UPS on this board and attached it to the wall via the cleat. I’ll put more detail up on the other site and a link here. There really wasn’t much woodworking here besides drilling a few holes, badly.

My actual woodworking itch was scratched by a project I’ve been meaning to do forever but finally decided to accomplish. I’ve been thinking about making my shop an enjoyable place to work in for awhile, and I moved my lathe next to my saw. Right above the lathe is my sawblade caddies. The big one (for the 10″ blades) has been good for awhile. Nice and compact against the wall. The one for the smaller blades, however, was an old design that stuck out from the wall by about a foot or so. It’s been a danger for some time, and I looked at my scrap bin (something else I’m attempting to rid myself of) and I had three perfect pieces to knock this out in short order. Thus, the second sawblade rack was built.

I had two identical pieces of 3/4″ plywood on hand, and an acceptable piece of 1/2″ that I could put together. I ganged the 3/4″ pieces together and drilled a series of holes with a forstner and the drill press. Then I fired up the bandsaw for the first time in forever to cut the slots. The blade was not tracking well at all, and eventually came off the bottom wheel. Last time I used it I installed a beefier tension spring and was having issues. After some troubleshooting of removing some tension and adjusting the top wheel I got it to track properly. I will most likely have to replace this blade due to a kink and the blade wearing against the guard, but it still works well for now. I cut the slots without further issue and used screws to put it all together. It holds all of my dado blades, and the blades to my circular saws. I also added a screw for the shims and wrenches for the table saw. The throat plates for the saw sit on top of the two caddies.

I wish I had made a bit more room on the bottom to hang the dado guide, but that’s my only complaint.


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