A distinct lack of writing

I said I would write during my time at work, and I just didn’t. Time, challenges, want. None of that lined up. However I’m done having to be at work for awhile and everything went exceedingly well. Better than expected, actually.

As such, none of those expected retreads came about. I’m sure I’ll get to those at some point, because I’ll have to train some more new hires soon. I do have a new project for the house that I’ll be starting on very soon, as soon as I get the dimensions all sorted out. It’s not something that’s very difficult, but it is something I want to take my time on and get right, because hopefully it will be around for awhile. I’m going to do a couple of dedicated entries for it, so I won’t bring it up just yet.

Headed out to the shop for a bit where perhaps I’ll start on that next entry. I don’t have the materials on hand to start the actual project.

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