A few little things

As part of my Christmas, I got a couple of gift certificates to Highland that I finally used. I ordered a 20mm fine cut rasp, a Wood Slicer resaw blade, and a Veritas burnisher.

I ordered the fine cut rasp to compare to the ones I got at Christmas. I believe I got a 30mm wide coarse cut, however it really does feel like it is the same cut as the one I already had. I’ll have to make a trip down and see which one I got, and if it truly is a fine cut. I ordered the burnisher to see if I could put an edge on my one cabinet scraper. Still getting dust and not shavings, so there is more work to be done.

The bandsaw blade is finally an attempt to get some real resawing done. I already put it on the saw, and while it isn’t perfect, I think it’s a real good start. I’ll be trying it again by marking a line, and seeing exactly how far it is straying. Then I’ll take the pieces through the planer and see if I can prevent it from grenading on me, like my last attempt at planing thin stock.

It will be a short time in the shop today, between kids basketball games. School is progressing well through the first two weeks of my last semester, but all the hard stuff is yet to come. I thankfully have almost all my work done for the week, so even an hour or so out in the shop will be stress-free. Tonight after dinner I will be finalizing the design of the router table base. Introducing another systainer requirement as storage really made things interesting.

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