A follow up to the quality post

Sometimes I ramble on without getting to a point, or I forget if I made a point at all. I’m all about quality now. I’m all about time saved now. I’m all about accuracy now. After realizing these things, I think I’m going to buy a Festool track saw.

For someone who has espoused a spendthrift attitude with my past purchases, this may come as a shock. However after I saw what my new planer can do compared to my old one, it started clicking in my head: the quality of quality. How more money can, but does not necessarily, lead to better results. To time saved. To better projects. Thus, my reservations about spending a lot of money on a certain item or tool have thawed. This is only a good thing. I still recommend that people go at their own pace, and I’m not going to recommend it to everyone.

I recently won a contest from Weekend Warrior Woodworking magazine for two mini systainers, and I anxiously wait their arrival. I realized that Festool was entering my shop, even if it was in the smallest way. It is like an infection, just the smallest opening allows it to overcome you. I started thinking about a Systainer 3 to store them in, and then naturally three more mini systainers to fill the box. Then I started thinking about making new cabinets to house the miter saw and the containers. It’s not a slippery slope, it’s a cliff.

I would like to build the kitchen cabinets my parents are going to use to remodel their kitchen, but I’m not ready yet. I’ve watched countless videos on techniques on various things, and a video set about the LR32 system was very interesting. However since I don’t have any Festools, that’s probably a $2000 investment to build some cabinets – money that at one time can go to much better things like getting the shop rebuilt or have power run to it. I do need a good way to break down sheet goods though. My system now requires me to offset my cut by about 6.25″ inches. I said about, so it’s not terribly accurate. It also induces cut errors and wasted material. I’ll be using a temporary solution for this next project, but after that I need a permanent solution. That solution I feel is the TS55 REQ. It’s a sizable investment, especially when you consider adding the rail to cut lengthwise puts it at about $700. For a circular saw. I paid about a tenth that for my current solution. However I feel in the long run it will be worth it.

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