A friend returns

My dad mentioned the other day that I could have his PS2 for use down in the play room. Little did I remember that the one he had was the one I gave him when I bought my PS3. It was fairly easy to tell because of a certain peripheral attached to it: the network adapter.

Well, I suppose it is impossible to tell with absolute certainty without remembering what the serial number was, but the network adapter is a pretty good giveaway. My dad doesn’t play online, and the one game I would have played online was Final Fantasy XI, which came with a hard drive. On board storage is a given these days, but back then it was such a novel concept. And 40GB to boot! The Xbox came with an 8GB drive, and was buried in the hulking mass. The PS2 didn’t come back with the HDD, probably because at some point I sold the game with the drive and my character. I don’t remember how far along I got, but I remember playing a bit. Dial-up. Takes me back.

Now the PS2 will serve kid duties playing what little I have in terms of appropriate content, since my BC PS3 is still working. It coming back has inspired me to go through my gaming history and post it up. Look for that soon.

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