A good end to a pretty good year

A head cold kept me down the last weekend of 2013, but I was still able to get a few things done in the shop to round out the year on a good note. I made a bit more progress on the flip-top cart by getting both horizontal supports glued up in tandem. The only thing left to do before I start worrying about trimming and gluing together is to rout the channel for the steel rod. I do have to figure out how to get a square cut without wasting too much material.

I disassembled the old scrap cart that was under the miter bench and put the separator back there. I found that since I moved it out, I would have to move the separator closer to any tools when I needed to use it. The 3/4″ ply from the cart is going to be cleaned up and evaluated for my house attic. The dis-assembly and moving has cleared up yet more room from the shop floor, which is always appreciated. It also appears that the infeed side of the jointer will clear the separator, so I’ll keep that advantage later on. Next thing I need to do is rid myself of the old router table base and things will be looking really good.

I got my heater and first aid kit mounted near the door, which means the safety cabinet moved at least for the time being. With my walls, nothing is really permanent. I like getting the heater up on the wall, even though that wasn’t it’s intended use. Keeps me from having anything close to it or having to move it around. The tip-over circuit shouldn’t allow me to put it up on the wall, but oh well. Got some cleaning done as well, and with the miter saw vac line hooked back up, got that area cleaned as well. Will be investigating how to better tame that dust monster.

There’s a lot of optimism going into 2014 about my shop, and potentially the things that will be entering and coming out of it.

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