A labor of love

Happy Labor Day. And if you’re working, I sympathize. I’m interspersing my work today with a little bit of Sketchup, some writing, and watching some woodworking videos.

I’m going to straight up recommend the Bombe Secretary that Tommy Mac built some years ago. I’ll be the first to admit that Rough Cut is an acquired taste. The production is a bit hectic and perhaps too high energy for the staid woodworking world. It doesn’t have the pacing that NYW or TWW has, but it’s hard to fit everything in 25 minutes, whereas on the internet you can go at a much more relaxed pace. These videos I think encapsulate more of his true identity. It’s a fantastic build in it’s own right, but you come to appreciate the dude for who he is and what he does. It’s these videos that got him his show, and for that I have to give him his due. It really is good quality stuff. The man is a very accomplished woodworker, and the pacing of the show has gotten better. He’s still honing his on-camera personality, and I’ve come to enjoy more the Rough Cut episodes I see on YouTube (because my station dropped it).

Let’s face it: we need all the woodworking content we can get. Here’s the link: http://www.thomasjmacdonald.com/media/category.php?cat=Bombe-Secretary-Project

So, while I’m watching I’m attempting to also work out any other layout for the shop before I start working on these cabinets. What I’ve always wanted (and tried to have on occasion) is a long bench that supports the miter saw stock and serves as storage below. I’m experimenting with the models I have now, which will give me an idea if I can do it. That’s one of the goals, but it’s a goal for a larger goal.

I have to look at my shop and ask myself what I really want (besides a new shop). Do I want it to be a place where I just go and hang out and listen to sports and watch woodworking videos? I know some probably asked that when I was talking about all the electronics. No. I certainly don’t want it to keep being that, because that’s a bit of what it became this summer. I want to make things for my home. I want to tackle things outside my comfort zone. I want to make things I’m proud of. I want a shop where I can do some minimal clean up at the end of a session and leave things for the next time. So, I might find a better layout, I might not. I have to look, though.

As a slight nod back to the electronics thing, I did actually get the Touchpad working again, and it works just fine for the most part. I’ll probably be using it instead of the laptop the next time out. As for that laptop, I’m not sure what to do with it. It could certainly come back inside and be a backup laptop?

Some of the design process for the walls of the shop will take into account room to hold these electronics, for sure. But that’s secondary to the true purpose of the shop, and as such I’m sorting the layout out first. Again. Perhaps now would be a good time to sort out lunch, though.

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