A lesson in safety

Some times we make mistakes. We’re sloppy. Careless. In a rush. Or, sometimes we are just plain ignorant.

The latter happened to me today. I had used the router and a 1/2″ shank flush trim bit on the miter station yesterday. This bit is huge, and I’m not particularly a fan. But, it’s what I have to use.

I was trimming the last little bit on the station, I had the router in a horizontal position trimming the bottom of the station (I had it upside down). All of a sudden, the bit walked itself off of the collet, across the workpiece, and back behind the table. I couldn’t believe it. This thing was spinning at around 25k RPM, I could have been seriously hurt. Not luckily, I was using all the techniques I had learned to date and didn’t put myself in a bad position, and that’s the reason I wasn’t hurt.

No damage to the bit, just a gouge in the bottom of the workpiece, something I’ll take in exchange for closing up the shop with all my body parts intact and no blood on the floor.


Damage done, but it’s not important. A safe day in the shop is always a good day. What did I learn today? Check for tightness more often, and always after a long period of not using it.

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