A New Dawn

I have been re-energized lately, seeing the potential of my shop. I have seen a path to a functional space, and now I’m committed to it more than I can remember. I have some plans to make the shop a nicer place but first…

The mess

An ungodly mess of scrap plywood has taken over the shop. Most of it is from disassembled fixtures like the router table. One of the first things I have to do is get these under control. Only then can I move on to the grand plan.

The grand plan, as it were, is still under development. The overview is that I will be building some new storage for the shop.  A lathe stand with some measure of storage, including a drawer or two for lathe chisels. I’m hoping to add a bit more, including drawers for the grinder and dovetail jig, hopefully a couple other things. I’d like to build a compact router table, possibly a folding one I saw in an old American Woodworker magazine. It would flip up and function as a full-size table, but take up a bit less space. I’m still moving stuff around virtually, to see how viable it is. I’d like to rebuild my miter saw station, and I’d love to have the wing on it sit above the lathe, but it might be too high.

I do have my sights set on perhaps adding the HF 2HP dust collector if I could possibly find a spot for it. This is a long shot, however the option is there to mount it outside. That’s a ton of work though.

I have this weekend to if not get rid of the scrap, to at least tidy it up a bit and see what I’m working with.

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