A nice weekend in the shop

Except for my sheet goods helper hitting me and gashing my nose, it was nice getting back out to the shop this weekend. The AC works well, although I don’t have a good idea just how much electricity it is eating. But I was cool and comfortable, and that was very nice for once.

In terms of accomplishments, I am again in that stage of being gone for long stretches, and using some times to get reacquainted and do a bit of cleaning. I got some dust cleaned up, some spiders taken care of, batteries recharged, and perhaps a couple of thing put away. I did think of a shop storage project to tackle, and I took some measurements. I need to plug those numbers into Sketchup to make sure things are copacetic. If they are, I’ll have details on that this week.

A little bit of shop time can recharge me quite well.

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