A relatively simple fix

OK, when I made the current router table for some reason I designed the drawers to open to the outfeed side of the table. I think the idea was that the router table would serve as the outfeed table for the saw, and I would need to access the drawers. I couldn’t have it the other way and router toward the saw, so…

Well, I nicely only attached the drawer back panel with a few screws. It was easy enough to swap it to the other side. I’ll put the too-long drawer slides back in and still make use of the router table until I get a new one built. At least now it is not such an immediate need, as I also found a bit better spot to keep the router table in so it doesn’t get knocked around. When I have to make the table bigger, we’ll see if it still fits. I have on the left wall, the air compressor, the lathe, then the miter saw, then the router table. The planer cart is sitting in front of the lathe. I keep thinking that the elimination of just one tool/tool stand would be all the difference, but then I’m forgetting about how the bandsaw, drill press and jointer are all bunched up together and not really usable.

First thing to do is to get a rough draft of the new router table, and go from there.

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