A Slow Burn

A few years back, when I was first getting into the Festooliverse, I watched a lot of Paul-Marcel’s tutorial and review videos. I thought they were direct, well made, and engaging. Then he stopped making videos, because he took up another hobby and got really involved in it.

Sometimes you either grow out of hobbies or the spark does not burn for some time. It has been like that for me for a good year, now. Just different life priorities, and a bit of burnout. I at times thought about selling off my tool collection, but resisted, thinking the desire would one day return.

That’s where I am at today, that desire starting to come back around. Working on projects around the house again, with a massive investment to get things fixed to where they need to be. I’m also looking to finally make my new desk, perhaps a couple of other things I’ve been thinking about for awhile.

What I need to address first, though, is the shop. It has straight up not worked very well for my needs and it is time to address it in ways I had resisted until now. I’m currently designing a new layout that should finally make the best use of my space. I’m going through old pictures to catalog everything I need to account for before I begin, and that will be the next entry here on the site.

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