A small bit of shop time

This is a few days later than I meant to, but I did get out to the shop Saturday afternoon after our end of season soccer party. It was only for a couple of hours, but any time I can get out to the shop and do a bit of recharging, it’s nice.

First off, I actually got something accomplished. I was able to relocate my hardwood scraps to a temporary location and I was able to break down the old drawer I was storing them in. This was sitting on the workbench, so it’s nice to have that space back. The drawer parts went in the scrap area under the miter saw, and that’s on the agenda to clear out soon. I’ll spend an hour or so breaking down old material and getting them in garbage bags and distribute them into the big can over a few weeks.

I had a yearning to actually woodwork, so I brought down a scrap bit of cedar and ran the router through it a couple of times. Felt good. Can’t wait to get the router table redo done and everything where I need it.

I talked about the systainer racks being off level in another post, however I’m not sure it’s something I’ll entertain fixing. The systainers are just about in the most perfect spot for my needs right now, and them closing on me if I don’t have it done just right is probably a minor inconvenience I just need to get over. I’ll let it simmer for a good bit longer before I decide anything.

Right now I’m filling out my wish list again for the shop as part of the Lost Year series, and I’m surprised at how much things have changed. Hopefully have that up by the end of the weekend at worst.

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