A to-do list

I was in the shop today taking a couple of measurements, and it struck me to do a video clip reminding myself what I’d like to get done both short term and long term. I’m not going to post the clip (partly because it ended up being seven minutes long), but it did serve as what I intended it to, so here goes.

An immediate need is to either buy or make another rack for the parallel clamps. I have four sitting on the floor right now, so there is a trip hazard. I don’t want to make one long rack for all the clamps, so purchase/make is up in the air. May just purchase to get it over with, build some neat looking ones when I have some spare time. I’d be looking at $16 to solve a problem immediately, so it is an option.

Since I’m not going to put a second drawer in the lathe stand, I need a home for the wrenches, chuck and other accessories. Perhaps I can work my magic on some scrap, practice some dovetails, and make a simple little box for them to sit in all at the same time. Once I have them a new home, the wall-mounted router cubby can be disposed of. That will clear room on the wall for anything I need. Or, they can go in one of the smaller cabinets I’ve been wanting to make. Break up the huge cabinet above the workbench.

Those are really only the immediate impacts I need to make. I’ve started designing the new router table, which will take up slightly more room and have to be compensated for somehow. Everything else is smaller projects or those that don’t necessarily need to be done in this shop. I’d like to move the power stations to the other wall again, to help get the power cords to start coming in through the wall instead of the door. That also means running the lighting again…maybe.

I need to hang the LR32 rail, and I’d like to do it right next to the 1900 rail. I’ll most likely need to move the hand plane till over a bit to slide those inside. On the chaos wall is the perfect place. I could put them back on the doors, however I kept being scared of them falling off before. Speaking of the plane till, that is one of the long term projects, whenever I find a good design and get around to it. Same with the saw till, although the Veritas saws really need to find a home other than the workbench.

Scrap culling is still ongoing, I have about half the things under the miter saw taken care of. The miter saw will eventually (probably) go on a cantilever stand, over most likely the planer at this point. That’s long-term, though. Maybe not even until the new shop gets built.

I have an idea of what I’m going with for the new shop, and some of that plays a role in what needs to be done sooner rather than later. I’ll harp on that soon.

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