A tool tweak and a wall leak

So, I had been ogling the Festool Carvex for a couple of days as a potential tool upgrade. I really didn’t want to upgrade, because I sorta liked my Craftsman that I have. It’s a convertable – it can be a barrel or a D-handle, and has a dust chute that can hook straight into a Festool 27mm hose. In fact, if it weren’t for the lack of a plug-it connection, it would be really fantastic. I had noticed that  one of the positives of the Carvex was the ability to cut a perfectly straight (up and down) cut. I wondered if the Craftsman would be able to do the same, and I thought it worthy to examine.

The first cut brought bad news – an angled cut. The quality of the cut wasn’t bad at all, but there was a deviation in cutting my test pieces. I found the manual online and played around with the base. I found the angle that gave me very nearly a 0° bevel cut, so I was happy.

Then it started pouring. I noticed that I had water dripping off my clock. Oh no. It turns out that the water deflector that had come off the roof did actually do something, and water was wicking it’s way up under things and coming in above the window. It was all I could do to just move the workbench from getting wet, and the mortiser below. It was extremely disheartening. I was running through scenarios about having to start on a new shop build this weekend.

I think, however, that adding back a drip edge and diverting the water away from the window will be enough to get me by. The water running down is probably no small part of the source of the plywood rot below the window. In fact, I’d bet money on it.

So, that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend, hopefully more heavy rain will wait until then. But thankfully it appears that I could be happy for quite awhile with my jigsaw, which is nice. Of course, I think I said the same thing about my router…

Pictured: my temporary solution

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