A tribute to a departed friend – my bench

I had to say goodbye to an old friend this week – my old workbench. It has been there since the beginning as a work table for the past two years. A simple thing, it was built for $20 before I had any power tools besides my 4-piece cordless kit. Before the planer, jointer…even router. I added the HF vise to it not long after and that required some internal bracing. Otherwise, it’s been basically the same the whole time. Butt joints and screws were as complicated as it got. Heck, I was such a novice that when I installed the vise I didn’t know I should counterbore for the nuts and washers.

As the vise was removed this week, it’s last ignominious duty was to serve as the stand for it’s replacement’s assembly and tune-up before the Holtzapffel flipped over. Unfortunately, due to the heavy rain that came in this week, I couldn’t even take it out of the shop in one piece with dignity – it had to be destroyed. I guess it would have wanted it that way, to go down in the line of duty. ‘You’ll never take me out of here in one piece,’ I’m sure it didn’t say. You know, because it’s a bench. That’s the way it turned out, though.

I offer this tribute to my old friend. I’m sure it’s getting the snot pounded out of it in werkbank himmel, just like it wanted.

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