A well organized shop

I got a reminder of why I’m doing this today. This, as in why I spend so much time, energy and money fixing up this place and getting everything squared away where it needs to be. After I got my new drawer sorted out, I brought up a bike that had been giving us trouble with the chain. I set it down on the bench and checked the chain out before I decided that the axle just needed to be tightened up. A minute later and it was good as new. I also hooked the compressor up and aired up the tires in a couple of them. All with little effort. I also got the opportunity to chase down some air leaks in the system, so it was a complete win in that regard. I love being able to easily and quickly get what I need, and I’ll love the day where I won’t have to move anything out of the way to get started on a project.

Once the cabinets are done I’ll be starting on my great endeavor – the Holtzapffel. Once my bench is done I can finally tackle some real woodworking projects with aplomb.

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