A whole new world

After looking for a long time, I finally scored something that will literally change how I am able to work in the shop – a miter table for my saw. The Craftsman 21829, a descendant of the Ryobi BT line, does not have miter slots, it has a sliding miter table. To some, this is an advantage. I’ve found that it’s a PITA to keep aligned, and I’ve been wanting traditional miter slots for a long time. This week, I finally realized that dream. Ryobi sold a dual-slot table insert for their saws, and the Craftsman luckily kept that compatibility.

I can now use a sled, traditional tenoning jigs, and so much more. It literally does open up a whole new world to me, and I’m very excited. I’ve got it aligned as best as I can right now, I’ll attempt to create a jig to dial it in perfectly.

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