A Workshop Christmas

Family time is dominating today and yesterday, so no workshop time. I delivered an incomplete Christmas gift today – it needs some minor touch up and paint. I’ll post on it when it gets the coat of paint.

I got a pretty good haul from family towards the shop. Among the goodies were a set of Bodger turning tools, an Incra 12″ rule, Hinge It and Jig It tools from Rockler. I also got a nice first aid box and supplies to stock it. Along with all of that I got some credit I can use at Amazon and Highland – one of those outlets will get my business for the TS55 at some point. I’m only about 10% there at this point. I do need to get something on my list that I didn’t get, a miter gauge. Think I’ll use the Amazon credit to get that.

Christmas did a number on my available funds, so I might be brewing these things in my respective carts for awhile. Hope you had a nice Christmas and were able to spend it with people you love. It’s never all about things.

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