I’m just a guy in a backyard shed trying to do my best in woodworking. The shop dimensions are just shy of 12’x12′, hence ‘The 144 Workshop.’ I started converting my rudimentary shed in early 2010 to what you see today.

I got started in woodworking like many do, a DIY job around the house. In my case it was a router to recess a hinge for an interior door. It has seriously ballooned from there, encompassing many standard woodworking tools.

I can offer no guide to technique, just sharing my journey from DIY homeowner to hopefully one day making wood art and eventually selling something I create.

Right now I make things for my workshop and my immediate family. Thanks for checking the site out.

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  1. Thank you for documenting your journey and ideas. I am fortunate to be considering a little larger space at around 200 sq ft. I’ll have the choice of deciding between: 18×11 vs. 20×10.
    I would kind of prefer the 10 ft wide because of the site specifics, though I think I could make 11 ft work. Do you think that 10 feet is going to be a problem or not really something to fret about?

    1. I’d go with 20×10 as long as you can exist within those ten feet. Depends on how you are orienting tools and workflow. Be sure to look at your layout virtually before you commit.

  2. Hi,

    I was doing a google search and came across your website. It would appear we have a lot of things in common – gaming and wood working.

    I also was planning on making a website for my for my woodworking, something similar to yourself. The name I was thinking of was ‘The 144 Workshop’. I was using the idea that my house number is 144. Looks like ill have to go back to brainstorming a new name!

    (Northern Ireland)

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