Adventures in Home Updates – Bonus Room

A number of years ago we experienced a 500 year flood event. There was widespread damage, particularly around the river and creeks. We escaped damage except for one spot – our bonus room.

This room is a converted carport. When it was done, they used that nasty dark paneling and put in a fireplace with an oversized hearth, again going for darker brick. They put in a side entry door and a sliding glass door to the back patio. There is a wide picture window into the living room, and two steps up into the dining room. The room is carpeted.

When the flood event happened, we got through fairly unscathed except for this room. Water came through under the sliding door and soaked the carpet in almost the entire room. They did not level the concrete, so it is unlevel with the tilt down toward the front of the house. So we had to remove the pad underneath and toss it, but were able to save the carpet. Until recently. Our cats have torn it up completely near the sliding door, and on the one carpeted step.

We did seal under the door after the flood, and have had no more issues that way. Fixing some drainage issues at the patio have also helped. But we are at the point where the carpet needs to be replaced with something else. New carpet, laminate floor, or treating the concrete. I don’t prefer the latter. I’m hoping for carpet, personally, because I don’t know how the slant and undulations of the concrete will impact installation of laminate. The only issue is that the side entry is our primary entry point, and that carpet has worn and been dirtied substantially. Carpet might have to wait closer to a listing date.

I pulled the carpet off the step and replaced it with a solid wood landing. The step base is solid concrete, so I think this is my best course of action. I went with pine for cost, and have stained it close. Not perfect, but close. Unknown if I will eventually replace with oak and try again. I had to buy two steps and splice a 2″ section on with Dominos to get the width right, or I would have gone with oak to begin with.

The paneling thankfully was painted before we moved in, and we started to paint one corner where we had set up a LEGO world. The entire room needs to be painted again, although I’d really like to replace the panelling with drywall. Not sure it is worth the effort though. Probably going to primer it white and leave it be.

We have repurposed the LEGO table into a school table for the time being. I need to build some entry/mudroom furniture for storage near the side door. Speaking of the side door, it needs to be replaced completely. It looks like it has been kicked in at some point, and it only has a regular lock, not a deadbolt. It also doesn’t seal fantastically. The storm door is also in need of repair at the bottom, as one screw has broken. The sliding glass door needs a screen, as it has never had one. I want to do some better storage for our game consoles for the TV attached to the hearth. Something simple would work, just keep the creep down and hide some cables.

So the three big things for this room are paint, carpet, and replace the side door. I think otherwise this room doesn’t require much for sale.

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