Adventures in Home Updates – Exterior

Aside from the kitchen, the exterior of the house is undergoing the biggest changes before a potential sale. Many issues, many plans, a lot of money. All things that absolutely have to be done though.

Our lot has a ton of old growth trees, and all of them drop leaves, branches, and nuts. As such, our gutters clog constantly. I’ve tried to add inserts, but they absolutely have not helped. Water will still flow over the edge of the gutter, and have damaged the fascia in places. I will have to replace the fascia and soffit around the entire house, and possibly the gutters. I have not gotten an estimate back for this yet, and it is likely that I will try to take this on myself in stages. If I do, the gutter will likely go back up after painting unless damaged.

The soffit that serves as the porch ceiling and carport ceiling will also have to be replaced. Damage from the gutters for the porch, and damage from an ongoing roof leak for the latter. Our roof was replaced a few years ago when the ants came, but there is a small leak somewhere around the chimney that comes through the carport ceiling in two spots. I’ll tear out the ceiling to trace the leak and either fix it myself or hire that out. When I rip the ceiling out, I will install flush mount lights for better visibility at night. The chimney cap is rusted and needs replacement.

Both our bathrooms need proper venting to the outside, so I will need to install vents on the roof. Haven’t decided if I will hire this out. There are a few holes in the siding from woodpeckers, I would like to fix this and do a repaint of all siding.

We replaced all our single pane wood windows with double-hung vinyl windows for better energy efficiency. The old windows had paint and trim issues which were resolved by replacing. Most of the paint issues on the sills were also corrected because the windows are thicker. There is some trim painting to be done.

Our yard had a ton of debris from those branches that fall, plus this weed-like tree that likes to spout up everywhere. I still have a bunch I have to clear up, probably with the help of a chipper or a dump run. Getting the backyard clear has been one of my hardest tasks due to just how much I have to do. There is still a section of the yard where a tree fell over the fence I am trying to work my way back to. I have not made as much progress as I’d like, because I can’t use power tools on the weekend due to work schedules.

The old shed will have to be torn down before a sale. The new shed should be a massive improvement to resale. That project, while on hiatus, is on track. I have wanted to extend the patio area ever since we moved in, but I am not sure that will be done by me. Too many other expenses in this time frame. I have started to address some drainage issues near the kitchen, though.

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