After the Counter – Looking ahead


I think building this systainer cabinet/miter saw counter/upper cabinet storage could transform my shop in ways that I had always hoped, but was always afraid to try. The question is, how can I follow this up? Can I keep making great choices?

First off, the counter project will continue to slowly evolve. There are more storage shelves and other solutions to come for the upper part, more drawer slides and drawers for the lower part, and a way to cut consistent parts on the surface. I think I’ll be putting in a T-track again with measurement, but I’ll wait on that for a bit.

The reason why I’ll wait is that I want to put a matching counter to the right side of the miter saw. Haven’t quite worked out how I will support it, but then again I don’t plan on putting that much weight on it. The jointer and air compressor, and possibly the sander will live long term under this counter. Speaking of the air compressor, I did move the hose reel to that corner of the shop. I was putting together the last two drawers for the LEGO project, and it wouldn’t reach in the original spot. It does eliminate rolling the compressor outside to cut down on noise, though. What I could do is make the front of this counter a 2×4, which would give it pretty good strength over the middle.

I’m still kinda working out what I’m going to do under the workbench. Two drawers are junk, one drawer is my socket set and the other drawer is hardware. The socket set could go over in the new upper storage. Hardware could continue to be converted to the blue hardware bins. I could use that storage space for something else, but I’m not sure what. There isn’t a lot of room to bring things out from that space, with the MFT and the router table being so close.

Something I am considering is moving at least the computer monitor to around the miter saw, as that counter makes a perfect standing desk height. I do have concerns about dust getting into the monitor from the saw, etc. It’s why I haven’t done it to this point. I am entertaining putting what is left of the upper chaos wall over between the drill press and bandsaw as a wall cabinet, but really have no idea what I’d put in it.

The biggest challenge I have left is finding spots for all those little things, including scrap. If I can tackle that, I’ll have a seriously awesome shop going on.

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