Alien Ant Farm

They’re back. Unfortunately.

I thought I had really done a number on the carpenter ants that I found last year (or was it 2013?) circling the top of my interior shed walls. I set out diatomaceous earth (flung it, really) and killed a bunch and didn’t see them again. Now they’ve come back, and they aren’t sticking to the tops of the walls. They particularly like the lathe bench, and i think they are coming in around the floor in that corner. I’ve seen them just about everywhere in the shop, trying to find food. I don’t think they are nesting in the walls, or I would have found that when I was replacing the walls. I think they are foraging.

So, for now, I bought a dispenser of insect control and sprayed the entire yard. I sprayed the entire exterior of the shop, particularly around the corner I think they are coming from. I also set bait stations inside the shop, particularly again around that corner. We’ll see if it works.

It’s unfortunate I’m in no real position to start building. I’m seeing more and more signs that it is the only real thing to do. I might have to bite the bullet and do it, even though it wouldn’t be real responsible of me. I don’t suppose anyone would support a GoFundMe? Yeah, didn’t think so.

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