All about that space, no level

I’ve gotten to use my shop a bit since my last layout change, and I thought I would take a little bit of down time to give my impressions of it. First things first: I love my MFT. It has become the centerpiece of the shop (literally), and what I use the most lately. I Domino on it, sand, have sawn on it, and is a good general project assembly area. There are some storage improvements around or under it in my future.

I have a good bit of space to stand or sit, which is really nice. I can generally access most of my systainers without too much effort, but I know that it is going to be one of my sore spots going forward. The jointer, miter saw and planer are in pretty good spots, although I wish I had another foot or so to access the entire front of my workbench. Another sore spot.

One thing that I am not very happy with is switching out the power cord to either side of the shop. Going back and forth between the Domino and the miter saw was extremely frustrating today, especially with how short the right side cord is/inability to easily access it. This is going to have to be addressed in one way or another. I really don’t want to switch back and forth any more. I want to pull the trigger on a tool and just have it work. The accessory strip for the lights, chargers and vac is working wonderfully.

The saw blades attached to the door has got to go. It interferes with the power cord wrangling, and I fear catching myself on one of the exposed blades, especially if I forget to secure the door when open and it slams shut. The clamps on the other door has to be fixed as well, actually the entire clamp storage needs to be revamped. I have now four parallel clamps that don’t have a home, so there’s that as well. The entire front wall is going to be tweaked, including the ladder probably being moved under the house – I’d rather have the space open for a couple more lights and other storage.

I really haven’t had a chance to use the router table, lathe, bandsaw or drill press. Even the table saw has been a bit ignored. Thus, I cannot speak that well to how well my current setup works. The table saw, certainly – not really an issue since that is the home it has had for the majority of it’s existence in the shop. Getting to the drill press is a pain, but luckily it isn’t something that I have to use often. I have a plan to access the lathe and bandsaw when needed. The router table is TBD, as is the planer and sander.

I absolutely LOVE how well lit the shop is, and how comfortable it is when the heater has had a chance to run. I really am lucky to have it set up to this point, however the point still stands that I need a new shop. I will survive, but I probably won’t thrive. Some additional storage will present itself soon, hopefully in the shop I have now.

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