All the small things

I’m still in maintenance mode after the (pretty much) last phase of the remodel. Finding homes for things, continually moving scrap around. I’m not making much progress, I’m afraid. It seems like I am just moving things around.

Pretty soon on the list needs to be a solution for sandpaper and chisel sharpening. I was thinking about a small extra bit of upper cabinet storage next to the miter saw. The granite block I have is probably too heavy to sit on existing shelves, even at 3/4″ thick. I need to really look at what I have and design something bespoke. I need something shallow and short as to not interfere with the miter saw, but also potentially still allow me to mount the computer monitor there as well.

I tried messing around with the last untamed corner, where the jointer, sander, and air compressor are. I tried turning the jointer around to a ‘normal’ orientation, but it takes up way too much room like this. I couldn’t fit the sander here. With it turned the other way, I can fit the sander on the cart, plus the old hardware bin storage. Not that I will in the future, but I can now and that is what is important. I need the room right now, particularly with the amount of scrap plywood still dominating my storage. I’ll use a bit of that for the sharpening stuff, perhaps.

I have some plywood left from the counter that I need to cut up for shelves, that will help out with some of the storage issue. However, I’m getting to the point where almost everything already has a home – it’s really the plywood that is the problem at this point. Yes, there are still things in the drawers under my workbench, but them being there isn’t a huge deal at this point.

Really, for the next little bit it will all be minor actions, not major things to headline posts or videos. In that respect, there could be longer periods between shop update posts as these things gel together. Over the next few weeks I really hope to get things dialed in just right. I’m close, just not exactly there.

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