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I intimated a few days ago that I found a fairly big issue with my so-called perfect layout. Enough where it was back to the drawing board. I came up with something early in the week, and spent a few days thinking it over. The cold weather didn’t hurt the time frame there.

Yesterday I put it into action, the latest in a long line of trials. I won’t offer any idea of how long this one might last. The plan was to do this:

The goal here is to have the table saw and MFT as the centerpiece, with the ability to use the table saw even in inclement weather. I could not do that with the saw in one of the corners. The lathe would always be accessible as well. I didn’t know how much it would impact the workbench until I tried it, so I did.

The hardest part was gaining room to move things around. After about an hour, I had all the floor components in place. Bandsaw moved first, then things just sort of followed a logical progression. The actual layout I settled on for this trial is a little bit different, and it looks more like this:

I determined the jointer wouldn’t allow me enough access on the left, so it went to the right, basically trading places with the router table. I’m fairly happy with this, but obviously there is still some fine tuning to do. Miter saw may stay there, or move over to the space on the left side.  That space is enough for two systainers side by side, which would be awesome to keep. Somewhere.

Being happy overall, I started moving some wall stuff to join the party. The big cabinet went over to where the clamps are in the pic, and the rest of the hand tools went over to where the bench now is. Other little rearrangements will follow. The hardest part about these layout changes is all the scrap, and I’m tired of it. I’ll have to start embarking on a cull soon.

I forgot to mention a couple of weeks ago I bought a smaller trash can for the shop. I figured I could use the small amount of space it could provide, plus bags are a lot cheaper. The big can is now outside, reserved for big scraps. Hopefully I won’t fill this can quite as often, and can sneak the kitchen bags in the big can easier. The black bags stand out. I’ll use the small can for small trash, including what I’d refer to as regular trash.

When I can get back out and clean up some more, I’ll get a few pics. For now though, I have an anatomy paper to polish.

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