Always look on the bright side

The title refers to the Life of Brian, a Python movie that used that song at the end, and is probably the best known part of it. The characters are singing it as they are waiting to die, having been crucified. Farcical, but it sometimes reminds me to not be so frustrated when I have a really good thing going with my shop. I am not able to do a whole lot right now, with finances being tied up a bit by recent purchases and time being tied up by work and other endeavors. I helped out with a minor kitchen remodel last week, fitting a new cabinet floor under the sink, and helping trim out a new wall. I’ve also been tasked with making some giant plywood flip-flops.

Both of these projects have entailed removing items from my shop and going remote. It has made me think a bit about future tasks like these, and how easy it would be for me to load up the car again to take care of things. Right now it’s not, but I don’t see myself making wholesale changes to how I do things for the rare occasion I need to work somewhere else. I’m not an installer, I’m not a handyman for hire. However, having some tools ready to put into a couple of containers might be handy in the future.

Back to the shop, I’m in the midst of a decision. I need to disassemble the old vac cabinet, and after that I’m basically free to finalize the layout of the shop. It’s nearly time to construct my systainer storage. The decision is do I make the cabinets shallow, deep or normal. Shallow cabinets would only hold one systainer per shelf/drawer, would allow me to use more scrap wood in making them, and the drawer slides would cost less per shelf. Deep cabinets would require more in plywood, the slides would cost more per shelf/drawer but would hold two systainers. Normal depth cabinets would only hold one systainer per shelf/drawer, but could allow for storage behind. It would be a mix of using what I have and buying more, but if bought would cost less than the deep option. Using a normal depth would allow me to reuse the 3/4 open epoxy slides I have. It’s a tough decision, and doesn’t even factor in layout problems.

One of the problems I have with the shallow cabinets is where to put them that they will be useful. The best spots I can find for them are usually behind something else, which is kinda pointless. Behind the jointer, behind the drill press, under the lathe (which always has to have something in front of it). The most important aspect of this storage is that it be easy to get to. Something that slightly complicates things is the wall rack, the lowest shelf supports don’t allow me to take full advantage of the space. However they are easy to remove, and I may get to that today in an effort to see the real space. A spot where I could really take advantage of an odd space is the jointer outfeed, however in my current plan that would be the corner of the shop that is most susceptible to water damage. Festools and water? Not a combination I’d care to try out. Along the same kind of footprint is the HCM. That needs to rest in an out of the way place because I won’t be using it that often.

Just a little mid-week update of what is going through my head. I’ve got a couple of ideas I need to explore this afternoon. I also need to get around to dismantling that cabinet.

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