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I suppose I was a bit too early on the title of the last post, temps rising. It’s downright chilly today. When you wake up to your house in the 50s, it’s a bit cold outside. I don’t mind it so much, a bit of heat in the shop makes everything okay. Better than sweating, at least.

I’ve been married to this idea in my shop, about having it all. Specifically, I built an offset router table in the hopes of one day putting on an Incra LS positioner on. I still want to do that, and in fact I was looking at the price the other day to plan out when I could do it. I got advice that if I really want to have room in my shop, I should ditch the router table. This hurt, and I was defensive of it. I said I would rather sell my table saw, and in a lot of respects I would.

Then, I started thinking about the router table itself. With the design I have now, with the drawers on the left rear of the table as you would face it, works decently well. I need to redo all of the drawers (since I just brought them over from another project and they don’t fit), but it’s a good design.

If I had the room.

The issue seems to be, and I should have known this for awhile, is that I can do one of two things – have the table ready to work, or have the drawers accessible. The reality is that a standard setup would really work best with how much is in my shop. Which, unfortunately, means no Incra. At least not on the router table.

I spent yesterday afternoon just sitting in my workshop trying to figure out what to do. I moved a couple of things around in order to get the systainers where I wanted, along the wall near the workbench. It isn’t bad, perhaps more tweaks are in order. I think the systainers are in a spot now where I can go ahead and build the storage for them. If I incorporate storage above the systainer drawers, perhaps that will be a spot for all of the router accessories that are now in the table. I can then possibly evaluate long-term what exactly I’m going to do with the router table. Will I put it in the table saw (current or future?)? Could I build a stand that is offset table and something else like the planer? Eliminating the need for local router storage frees up things in ways I may not be able to imagine right now.

So, that leaves me just one job right now: plan those sysports. With my schedule being decently light over April, I think it’s finally time to start a new project.



After finalizing the move-around (for now) of things – lathe to corner, miter saw and router table up the line – I remembered something I had thought of earlier. There’s no reason why the router table couldn’t go under the miter saw like I had thought of before. It might be possible to have the best of all worlds. I could also try out a little bit shorter planer cart that could fit under the miter saw if I indeed decide to get rid of the router table. Or under the router table, as suggested.

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